Fortneys From the Kickapoo

This site is dedicated to the past to present decendents of Christopher & Sara Fortney. 
Christopher Christopherson Fortney  1816-1905
Sarah Anderson(Siri Gautesdotter) 1835-1870
Chrestoffer C. Forthune

They came to Amerika (spelling from the old country)in 1853 and founded the Fortney Family farm in 1858 and we've been blessed to celebrate over 150 of their arrival and our presence in America! 

This is a photo of my youngest Grandson Ethan Fortney, he is the youngest to carry the name forward to date and is the 7th Generation of Fortneys.

Here is a link to some old photos and history of some of the Fortney's and the area in time past.  Enjoy!

(Click on some of the photos for more stories and a larger view.)

First Fortney to Amerika

Christopher Chistopherson (Christ Fortney) 1816-1905 came to America in 1858 with his new wife Sarah Anderson(Siri Gautesdotter) 1835-1870 and founded the Fortney Family Farm in Clayton township, Crawford Co. Wi.  The farm was located about 4 miles south of the small community known as  Pine Grove,  later changed to Soldiers Grove.  They had 4 children before she died in 1870. 

Christopher John Fortney(CC, John Christ, Christian)  1860- 1929   Married Sori /Siri ANDERSDOTTER  1861-1903 (Remarried Lucy Pitzborn)no children

 Anna Fortney /Hanson                         1862-1966            

  Gustava  Kristina  Fortney                  1865-1920

  Lena Fortney                                     1868-1961             

Christopher Christopherson  remarried  Synneva Johnson(Johnsdotter) in 1872     1835-1921* they had 1 child

 *Karen Serine Fortney (Sarah)          Dau         1873-1958  Married  --Christen C. Bjork,  on Oct-18 1892- Utica Township

I will add to this later today or as time permits!


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